A significant part of our 3 year project with Columbia University SIPA has been producing the HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY CONDENSED and FILMED VERSIONS of HUNDREDS of hours of lectures and class instruction and interactive learning.

We leveraged low cost high quality HD cameras for multi camera filming with the latest, yet now standard, computer and software to achieve enormous savings compared to what the costs would have been only a few years ago.

Every class and subject had its individual challenges. No two professors were the same to work with. Due to style and personality as well as logistics and scheduling.

By Far, the subject and class that was the most challenging to produce economically ;-), was MICROECONOMICS.

Thousands and thousands of hours were spent by many teams of hard working dedicated technicians, artists, and amazing educators in the  logistics, editing, animation, compositing, and finishing over the last 2 years to 100% accurately animate 24 x 45 minutes of charts and formulas and graphs, achieve an enormous task that has never been done before.

This November we delivered the final class of that 2 year effort.

Many collaborators made this possible only by going way above and beyond.

At Relay it was Robyn Braun, Alicia Jarzab, Michael Alexander, Jessica Pitcher… and a great supporting crew. We give huge thanks to our vendors Reel Creative Studios and ProPoint Graphics in particular.